If you have not shopped for a TV in awhile, you’ll be surprised about the screen sizes, features and prices out there—but how to find the right one to fit your space? To help you choose the right TV consider the following pointers.

Know your area/wall space. Make sure you know your measurements of the space the TV will be in before you buy the TV and bring it home. Use painter’s tape to help you get a visual about the area the TV will be in. Then measure the area on the diagonal.

Going the distance. By knowing how far back you will sit from the TV, is another helpful tool.

As general rule, the TV should be 1.5 to 2 times the diagonal screen size. So if your are watching TV from 6 feet away, the ideal size TV is about 48” -50” TV. To do the math, you multiply the feet x 12 then divide by 1.5. FYI- With Ultra HD TVs, you can sit about 30% closer because the picture quality is that much clearer up close.

Audio is another consideration. In larger spaces, a sound bar is a used to amplify the sound. However, in apartment living, if you like it loud a nice pair of headphones by Boise would be recommended.

Another space saving option is a SMART TV; meaning it connects to your wireless network. You’ll get streaming and on demand services such as Netflix with it so no need for any other devices.

Consumer experts say that “The best time to buy a new TV is just before the Super Bowl”. But you can never time it when your TV will decide to break. Flatscreen TV prices have come down so much in the past years so finding one that fits your budget is out there. No car! No problem! Best Buy delivers, just add to cart.

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