About Our Trash Services

Trash is picked up from your "door step" Monday thru Saturday 5 AM to 7AM. (No trash services are provided on Holidays) You may place your trash container outside your apartment door after 5 PM but before 5 AM. Containers must be brought back into your apartment before 10 AM!

Residents will always have the option to take their trash out to the dumpster themselves.

Requirements: A 13- Gallon black or white kitchen trash bags—only. No paper bags or grocery store types permitted.

  • All trash must be bagged. No loose trash may be placed in containers.

  • All bags must be tied.

  • Pet waste must be double bagged and tied and put in the container.

  • Tenants are responsible for keeping their Containers Clean.

Complimentary Carboard boxes pick up service.

  • Boxes must be flattened.

  • Place flattened boxes behind your trash container.

  • Non- flattened boxes will not be collected.

As a reminder, full details about the Trash Services Program is available in the Rules and Regulations of your Lease.

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