Apartment Living Tips & Tricks!

Hi Center Square Residents! My name is Rayna Levine and I am a new member of the leasing team here at this beautiful property in the heart of downtown Doylestown, PA. Being in the apartment industry for a few years, and well as having lived in 10 different apartments by age 26, I have a lot of great insight into the best tips and tricks for maximizing your living space and making an apartment truly feel like home. This week I have three great tricks to help all current and future residents.

One thing I love about this property is that everything is all under one roof. Once you enter our building from any one of our secured doors, everything is at your disposal and you do not need to walk outside for anything. Though, the one thing you do leave your apartment for would be to do your laundry.

The laundry rooms are conveniently located right across the way from the elevators, so the only real distance to carry your laundry to would be to the elevator on your floor. But did you know you do not have to carry your laundry? Most people have not heard of rolling laundry bins and it is a gamechanger. So instead of having to lift and lug your laundry, you can roll it like a suitcase. Makes everything so much easier than it already is living at Center Square.

Another tip I have is for the bathroom! I know one of the most annoying things about the shower is when the water drains slowly from built up hair and soap scum in the drain. For some this happens more than others. What if I told you there was a way to prevent that?

Below is a picture of a shower drain protector. It sits right over your drain and catches extra soap and hair. This way, your shower will drain smoothly and quickly every time. While our maintenance team is excellent and happy to assist with most things that may need fixing in your home, this may prevent one more call to them. Plus, less contact during this time is better than more! These shower drain protectors are something you’d never think existed, but they make life much easier. They come in silicone, metal, and compact versions, so there is an option for everyone.

Lastly, I have plenty of tips for maximizing your space! Since we only have studios and one bedrooms here at Center Square, utilizing space for storing your belongings is a must. Some great ideas would be:

- Plastic under the bed storage bins (great for out of season clothes storage)

- Storage ottomans (if you are going to have something there to put your feet on, might as well be able to storage blankets or extra shoes in it)

- Over the toilet cabinet or shelving (perfect room for cleaning supplies or linens/towels)

These are just a few of the ways to find storage space in some of the most unexpected ways!

Hopefully while reading my apartment ideas, it inspires creativity of your own! One of the amazing things about apartment living is that you can customize your space to benefit you exactly how you would like. If there is a tip or trick you have learned that has made Center Square an A+ experience for you, please share it on our Facebook or reply to our blog.

Be sure to add #CenterSquareApartments to your post! I cannot wait to meet more of you and hear how you have made your apartment feel like home.