Fall in LOVE with Doylestown, PA!

February is the month of love and we are here to celebrate it! Living at Center Square Apartments has so many perks but one of the best things is the area we are located in. Doylestown is rich in history, convenience, and charm. There is so much to love here.

Location, location, location! We are within 5 minutes away from coffee shops, post offices, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, chain and local eateries, public transportation - you name it, it's here! Doylestown isn't a city, but it has all the perks of one. Whether you take a walk into downtown Doylestown for a pastry from the corner bakery or a slice of pizza from a mom and pop shop, the opportunities are endless.

Let's say you'd want to get into the city - how would you do that? I got you covered. There's a train station with direct service straight into Center City. It's a recent trend that most people are wanting to live in the suburbs and commute to work in the city, so Doylestown would be the perfect place to come home to every night! It's only an hour and a half train ride each way.

Doylestown offers such charm in it's side walked streets leading to parks, county buildings, even historical buildings such as Fonthill Castle! When you think of the suburbs, this is definitely one that has more than meets the eye. Choose to spend the day at any one of the 5 museums in our town as well. There is no lack of culture here.

It goes to show that there is so much to fall in love with living in Doylestown. Looking to make the move? Look no further than our community here on Broad Street, just two blocks away from all these amazing things I've written about.

Give us a call at 267-406-4008 to hear about the apartments we have available! I know you'll love living here just as I know you'll love Doylestown. We have apartments starting at just $1009/month. I hope this blog post has peaked your interest and that you'll continue following the Center Square Blog :)

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