Getting to know your Apartment Lease

We all enter into relationships, whether its personal ones or business ones with expectations. This happens even when we are moving into a new apartment. We become very excited and look forward to our new place. What is just as important as picking out new furniture or getting comfortable in our new abode, is understanding the relationship between you and the new Apartment Community in which you now live. To find clarity about that new relationship, you only have to look at the terms and conditions of your apartment Lease.

The Lease is more than just about the amount of rent you owe each month. This agreement governs the entire living arrangement between you and the Landlord and/or a management company. It is part of any apartment rental experience no matter where you rent, but it may vary from property to property. Essentially, leases function the same and come with these basic sections:

  • The renewal process

  • Permitted or not permitted changes you can make to your apartment

  • Whether smoking, vaping, pets etc are permitted

  • Terminating the lease

  • Late payments

In addition to these basic components, there is a whole lot of legal language in it. Therefore, take the time to read your Lease so that you enter into this relationship with the right expectations - especially before signing it.

Just like any relationship, it is important to set expectations. In personal ones, we may tell our new partner things like - "I don't like cook so don't expect home made meals." or "I like to sleep in late on the weekends, so don't bother me before noon." When you set expectations, it makes for a more stable and pleasant relationship. Landlords offer the same thing in their Rules and Regulations which is another important section of the Lease. Every property may refer to it differently, for example: Community Rules and Regulations, Property Rules & Regs, etc but they essentially do the same thing.

The Rules and Regulations cover just about every behavior or condition possible so that all of the Residents who live in that Community are all on the same page - setting the expectation. (See how this works?) In the Rules & Regs, you'll find information such as:

  • Community Quiet Times

  • Making Service Requests

  • Emergency Situations

  • Lost keys

  • Lock Out

  • Package delivery

  • Trash removal

  • Pets and any Breed restrictions

  • Parking

and the list goes on. It is important for you to read them over so that you are not the one disrupting the relationship with any of your new neighbors or the landlord.

Aside from becoming familiar with the terms and conditions of your Lease, it is also important to know where to find a copy of it. Many times after we move into a new place, our copy of it gets filed in a drawer somewhere. Then when it comes time to do something about your apartment living situation, you are never able to find it. Make sure you know where to find yours. When you lease an apartment with us at Center Square Apartments, you will always be able to easily find a copy of your Lease on the Resident Portal.

This is just one of the many features of living at Center Square Apartments - the many 24/7 conveniences. It all starts from the moment you book your online showing and it stays with you all throughout your residency: 24/7 package pick up services, 24/7 Maintenance Requests, 24/7 Fitness Center and Laundry Facilities and more. to learn more about our amenities, visit our website.

Hopefully after reading this blog, you understand the importance of getting to know your Apartment Lease. When you are going through the Lease signing process, take the time to read it over. Don't be shy about asking questions when you don't understand something. It can be overwhelming and a little scary but our Leasing Consultants, Sheena and Kyle are always available to help our New Residents through this. To learn more about Center Square Square Apartments, visit our website, book your showing online, or just stop by.

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