Elevating the Apartment Living Experience

Hallway Transformation

Every aspect of the hallways have been completely transformed from floor to ceiling.

From the moment Residents step out of from the elevator, they are greeted by a new and modern landing.     As they make their way to their Apartment home, they encounter new architectural details, décor and accent lighting.

About the Project

The Resident Hallway Renovation Project has been one of the most dramatic transformation at Center Square Apartments.    Until now, most of the improvements have been  behind the scenes or to individual apartments.    This improvement as one the entire Community and their guests will enjoy. 

The Project Management Team; which consisted of Zencorr, the Center Square Apartment property and G.H. Greene General Contractors.    We thank everyone for their efforts in brining all of this together and we are most appreciative of the Resident of Center Square Apartments.

Transformation In Motion

Hallways Before the Renovation